Switzerland’s Chocolate Train

Anyone got a sweet tooth? Then boy, have we got the train journey for you!

If you know your chocolate, then you’ll known that Switzerland is famous for its creamy, luxury choclatey goodness. Let’s see, you got your Lindt (Master Chocolatiers no less), your nougaty nutty lovely Toblerone (the stuff of Christmas stockings across the world), your Milka, your Nestle and then, of course, (for you connoisseurs) your Läderach, Cailler, Frey and Confiserie Sprüngli. All well known (and let’s face it delicious) chocolate brands,

Apparently Swiss chocolate is creamier than other choc because of its higher milk content, as well as containing less cocoa and more sugar. Fair enough. Whatever the reason, its pretty good.

And combining a love for chocolate with world famous railways (think utterly breathtaking scenery), Switzerland offers the sweet toothed Interrailer something a little bit special – the Chocolate Train.

The “Belle Époche”-Pullman 1915 vintage Chocolate Train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc, with hot chocolate and warm chocolate filled pastries to start your day off on the right foot. The day-trip includes a two+ hour stop in the town of Gruyeres, where you can explore the castle, the town, the Gruyere cheese factory as well as indulge in a spot of luncheon.

The final stop is Broc, for the much awaited chocolate factory, tour, which begins with Aztec cocoa ceremonies and takes you through to today’s chocolate innovations. The piece de resistance is the chocolate tasting, which promises to “titillate your taste buds with the aromas of exquisite cocoa, fresh Alpine milk and the best ingredients.” Mmmmm.

The Chocolate Train runs from May to mid-October but, sadly a seat is not included in your Interrail Pass, and the day tour is pricey – expect to pay around CHF100 (Swiss Franc)  for the day ticket – but hey, did we mention the chocolate?

Interested? Don’t forget to ask our experts if this is something you’d like to add to your Interrailing trip.



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