Blogger Diaries Day 3- Cesky Krumlov!

An early start today, we got ourselves up for 6am to be out the door at 6:30 for our 7am train. When we checked out we had our city tax to pay which was only 87 koruna (£3.03), not a lot to ask towards upkeep of the beautiful city! We were a little heartbroken to say the least that we were going to miss breakfast, it started at 7!

Although while we waited for the taxi the lady at reception told us we can go in and use the breakfast coffee machine while we waited, an absolute Saint she was! While we were making our coffees she told us she had the kitchen staff preparing us some bread and butter for our trip since we were missing breakfast. The taxi came earlier than expected, so it looked like we had to rush out without any, little did we know Czech superwoman was sprinting after us with a bag of bread and tomatoes and a box full of butter cheese and meats! She was an absolute life (hunger) saver! Our taxi was 5 minutes of wonderful Czech Christmas music and cost 84 koruna.

In the train station we found our platform, not difficult since there’s only two 😂  Our train arrived a few minutes late which was cutting it close for our 8 minute transfer window in Prague station. When we got on and settled in to a warm cabin we looked up the departures from Prague and the platform number showed up, meaning we could head straight for it and the 5 minutes we had was plenty of time.

We got sitting at a 4 seater table all to ourselves, and just stared out the window toward the white blanket covering the Czech countryside. Like two bloodhounds we sniffed out that the food cart was on its way, and we got some snacks and coffee. The time on the train flew by with the  picturesque views out the windows and seeing the snow bounce off the train as we cut through it.

When we came in to Cesky Krumlov the sky began to clear and we decided we would walk to the hotel, it was only 20 minutes and the air was cold and crisp. On the walk the views over the city as we looped round the road were amazing, but that was only the beginning of the beauty of the city. We came to the bottom of the road and our directions took us through the famous Castle Bridge. The sun was peaking through it and made for some amazing pictures. We crossed a small wooden bridge and our hotel (Hotel Ebersbach) was a short walk away, so central too!

It was only 11:30, but the receptionists said we could check in early because the room was ready! They did the usual check in process, then gave us a city map and recommended where to go along with a Christmas events guide. We went up to the room at the top of this 15th Century Alchemists house and settled in. This place is a wooden beamed dream with a king sized bed and a rainfall shower! We got our bags set in and went straight out, looking for some food. We walked for literally 5 minutes through the beautifully cobbled streets and heard faint music. It was like the pied Piper was playing and we followed it through a small alleyway, leading us to the main square christmas market!

The market had everything we wanted, we were like children in a sweet shop! First point of call was cheese covered potatoes, which were exactly the calorie filled goodness we needed. We munched that down and moved on to the thickest smoothest hot chocolate known to man. It was liquid velvet. Across from that we smelled crepes, which were the logical next step! We continued on around and seen giant bratwurst sausages, so decided that would be our finisher. Bearing in mind that this was in the space of 10 minutes 😂😂. The food hit us quickly and the day of travel caught up, so we went back to the hotel to recharge both ourselves and the cameras.

After we were topped up on battery we went out to the streets to wander and get lost again, it’s one of our favourite things to do in streets that are as picturesque as these. We couldn’t go into any museums etc because it was late, but we began to walk towards the St Vitus Church perched on the top of the medieval town. Close to it there was a beautiful view across the city as the sun was setting and the clouds like pink candy floss. Somehow we kept managing to make it to these view points in between the tour groups! One more walk around the Christmas Market and we were ready for dinner. We went back to the hotel and got ready, and went downstairs to eat. The hotel restaurant is every bit as sophisticated as the rest of it, and oh lord was it good! Both of our meals, one dessert and two drinks each only cost 963 koruna, around £33! 😮 After the meal we got to some editing and writing to finish off our first day in Cesky Krumlov 🇨🇿



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