Blogger Diaries Day 4- Cesky Krumlov

Day 2

Since we had done lots of exploring the day before we thought we’d start with a lie in. Although when breakfast is over at 10, a lie in can only last till about 8:30 if you want to make the most of the free food! 😂 We got down and the hotel had set out a lovely table for us, or everything there was to offer for breakfast! The table had breads, croissants, fruits, meats and cheeses, and we had an omelette and scrambled eggs freshly prepared, teas, coffees and cereals! Safe to say we did our best and made a good dent in this feast!

Now that we were fuelled for the day, we got ready and set out to see more of this beautiful city. We went straight for the castle, dipping in to antique shops on the way. The castle and it’s grounds were beautiful, it over looked the whole city and every few steps you got to see a different angle of the buildings from above, there was even an area that bears are kept at the castle entrance – although we didn’t see any, they must be hibernating! 🤷‍♂️ The courtyards made us feel tiny and the views from the famous bridge were wonderful! Once we got beyond the castle towards the gardens, from the viewpoints you could see the entire town centre which almost looked like a miniature Mont-Saint-Michel because of the way the river wraps around it. We continued up to a quiet road so that we could fly the drone and get the aerial views. We couldn’t do this over the main city because there were too many crowds, and as safe as our drone is it’s not worth the risk of losing it to either police or crashing. From the quiet road at the back of the castle gardens, we looped around the back of the castle towards the castle bridge approaching it from outside the city.

All that wandering about the castle took us a good three hours, we were in no rush at all. We love to just take our time and really take in a new city and its surroundings. Although by this stage we had a hunger on us again (shock) so the obvious choice was back to the Christmas market for more Raclette on Potatoes (cheesey shpuds). We tiddled about the market on the hunt for something sweet, and got a Trdelnik (Chimney Cake). This one wasn’t the best we’ve had, it must’ve been sitting over the smoke for too long and it tasted like the smell of an irish bar before the smoking ban. We’ve had this plenty of times before, and loved it! So you should definitely give it a try when in Czechia, just try go for the freshest you can!

When we were finished with that we walked along the cobbled streets back to the hotel. We sat in the bar and got a drink! We had Budweiser Dark (we were only 15 miles from Budweis where it originated). We sat for a while checking the camera to see if we caught any decent shots, and went back to the room to charge everything up again. The hotel was so nice, it was lovely to be so close to the centre that you can just drop in and out whenever you please!

When we got ourselves up and ready, we decided to go for a walk around the streets toward the Christmas market in the dark, we thought it would be all beautifully lit and busy on a Friday night. To our surprise, nearly all of the stalls were closed and the lights were mostly off bar the tree! This was about 7pm, so we were lost for something to do since the market was the plan! Logical next decision? Eat! We came across the travellers hostel in an article. This was a hostel with a popular bar/restaurant, and was literally a 60 second walk from the hotel! We went in and were sat at a wooden bench beside a blacksmiths fire, it was a very medieval setting. We got chicken, potatoes and the special on the menu, the pork knuckle. This pork knuckle was the size of a newborn child! It was served with bread, pickles, horseradish sauce and mustard. Such Czech many wow.

We had a cocktail and a Czech beer, and after tackling that monster feed decided to go to a cocktail bar just off the main square. The drinks were strong, cheap, and the barmen were taking absinthe shots the entire time! You can’t go to the Czech Republic without trying absinthe, so the two of us got absinthe based cocktails. The after taste felt like a hot poker down your throat but apart from that they were grand. We could only manage two while still having the ability to walk, and set off for our hotel to do some editing before sadly packing up to leave this European wonderland in the morning.


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