You can now go Interrailing to lovely Lithuania!

Did you know you can visit Lithuania on your Interrailing trip? Well ya sure can – a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarushas, Lithuania has now been added to the over 30 European countries which take part in the rail scheme.
Here’s some facts about this beautiful country.
1. It’s capital city is Vilnius, known for its known for its baroque architecture and cobblestoned streets.
2. Lithuanians celebrate two independence days: there is one on February 16, and another, the Day of the Restoration of Independence, on March 11.
3. Basketball is the most popular sport in this country. Several Lithuanians have gone on to NBA fame, the greatest star being Arvydas Sabonis.
4. Lonely Planet rather likes it, describing it as: “Blame it on the Baltic sea breeze or the almost-endless midsummer days: Lithuania has an otherworldly quality. In the southernmost of the Baltic states, beaches are spangled with amber and woodlands are alive with demonic statues. Medieval-style mead and traditional wood-carving never went out of style.”
5. There are five national parks in Lithuania, including the oldest – Aukštaitija National Park . More than 70 percent of its area is covered by woods and there are 126 lakes are scattered among the woods and hill.
The featured image is of Trakai Island Castle, a 14th-century fortress in the middle of Lake Galvė. It is pictured above by Flicker user Mindaugas Danys and is shared here under the Creative Commons licence:

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