What is Interrailing?

In a nutshell, Interrailing is a unique adventure, offering you the opportunity to travel by train between 30 European countries, experiencing the life and culture of each and every destination you wish to visit on your journey.

So, for example, say you start your journey in Rome, your two week vacation could look something like this (our City Slickers Hotels Package):


That’s six unforgettable cities in 15 days, and all for just £875* – that works out at less than £150 per city with both travel and accommodation included. Not bad huh?

Why is it called Interrailing?

Key to this kind of travel is what is known as the Interrailing Pass. Launched in 1972, The Interrail Pass is available to all residents of Europe and allows them to avail of rail travel between 30 different European countries.

Interrailing is essentially when you buy a pass and use it to follow a particular route across Europe,  visiting a range of destinations of your choice 😊

Using Interrailing Packages Ltd, we provide you with an Interrailing Pass to cover all of your chosen journeys as well as accommodation with one of our three or four star hotel partners – oh and a range of added extras at no cost too, including access to our travel support app.

Who can Interrail?

Interrail is available to everyone from young teenagers to senior citizens – in fact over 300,000 people Interrail each year! That’s everyone from families, students, solo travellers, to couples and retirees.

For those from outside of Europe, a Eurail Pass can be purchased. This works similar but with various price differences and pass options.

Where Can I Interrail?

In Europe of course! Currently over 30 countries participate under the Interrail scheme, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria. To put it in simple terms you can essentially leave from London & Interrail all the way to Istanbul in Turkey!

However, it is good to note that there are some limitations with Interrail, such as travel within your own country of residence as well as using High Speed trains. Don’t worry though, our experts at Interrailing Packages are here to help you organise everything so there wont be any surprises on your trip!

Why would I Interrail?

Better question- why wouldn’t you? Europe offers the second largest number of countries in any world continent and with so much history, architecture, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and festivals it’s an absolute must on anyone’s bucket list. Just think – Eiffel Tower, Lake Bled and ancient Rome all in one single trip!

OK, sounds interesting – how do I get started?

Glad to hear that you might be interested, why not have a look at our website http://www.interrailingpackages.com as a first step? We offer a wide selection of two, three and four week Interrailing packages with both hostel and hotel options.

Our carefully designed Interrail routes are aimed at helping you to see as much as possible within your chosen timeframe, as well as being based on popular destinations. We also strive to take the hassle out of travelling by arranging everything, from your train itinerary and accommodation right through to directions, attraction discounts and travel currency.

Interrailing Packages was founded from a love of travel – we have been there, on the trains, in the hostels, on that road so to speak, so we know how important it is to be organised so you can enjoy every minute. That’s why we are here to support you, from planning your dream trip right through to jumping on that final train (or plane) home. Our motto? Travel easy, with Interrailing Packages.


*Price as at March 2017. All our package prices are based on Youth Interrail Passes. Clients who are over 26 years of age at the time of travel will be required to pay an extra £55 for an Adult Interrail Pass.